Our College Successfully held the Final of the Third Teachers' Teaching Competition    (2021-06-03)

The Campus Marathon was Held in Our Collage    (2021-05-28)

Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Investigated the Student Dormitories    (2021-05-17)

Our College Held the 2021 Graduate Employment Promotion Meeting    (2021-05-14)

Students from the School of Electrical Information Engineering of Our College Won Medals of National Competition    (2021-04-29)

Our College Held a Lecture on Employment Guidance    (2021-04-27)

Respect! Female Staff    (2021-03-09)

College Leaders Inspected the Work of First Teaching Day    (2021-03-06)

Our College Conducted a Safety Investigation    (2021-01-20)

President Zhao Xicang gave a lecture on the theme of "opinions on scientific research - topic selection, application, research and case"    (2020-11-26)

The Discipline Inspection Commission of the College Carried Out a Special Supervision on the Work Discipline of All the Unit staff    (2020-11-25)

The Safety Meeting Held by the College    (2020-10-20)

Vice President Wang Guolin Inspected the Preparation for the Opening of the Laboratory    (2020-09-09)

The College Launched a Special Supervision on the Security Work for the Opening of the New Semester    (2020-09-07)

Our College Held a Phased Summary Meeting on the Employment Work    (2020-08-28)

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