Traffic Engineering    (2011-12-14 14:26:31)


Training objectives: The major trains senior engineering technical talents who are expert in traffic engineering and system planning, traffic designing and controlling and management.

Through learning, students can master the basic theory and knowledge in systematic engineering and traffic engineering and they can gain the basic engineering training in engineering drawing, surveying and budget, etc. Meanwhile, with the  basic skills transportation  planning, traffic engineering  infrastructure design  and engineering  project evaluation  and  traffic control  system development, students should understand  the relevant national transport planning, construction and management principles, policies  and regulations, know about traffic engineering, especially about the state and development of intelligent traffic and be able to do certain scientific research and practical work.

The major are equipped with advanced teaching and research equipments in intelligent transportation analysis system, traffic accident analysis system, traffic detection system, and traffic measurement system, etc.

Employment trends: The graduates can engage in traffic engineering designing, the development of traffic control system at the national and provincial and municipal development planning departments, transportation planning and designing departments, and traffic management departments, etc. They can also work in universities, research institutes engaged in teaching and research work.


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