Vehicle Engineering    (2011-12-14 14:27:06)


Training objectives: This major mainly trains advanced technology talents, who will engage in vehicle engineering technology fields to design, manufacturing, research, test as well as the other vehicles’ design and manufacturing, application with management.

Through learning, students will have the basic theory and professional knowledge about automobile engineering and other related fields. They will grasp the latest technology of the vehicle electronic controlling, special vehicle and construction machinery as well as automatic control, vehicle safety, energy saving and environmental protection, the vehicle CAD/CAE/CAM, etc. They will be obsessed with the ability to research, design, manufacture and develop, test and detect, repair and manage the vehicle products.

The important teaching facilities are: the automobile classic measured power and emission test equipment which are introduced from abroad, the on board measure system; the computer graph type workstation; the 3 D design such as Catia, UGll, Pro/Engineer, etc.. manufacturing software, the ANSYS/LS-DYNA, ADAMS, are known as large simulation of system.

Employment trends: The graduates can take on teaching and researching jobs in colleges, and the scientific research offices as well as work in automobile production enterprises and vehicle management department.

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