Mechanical Electrics Engineering    (2011-12-14 14:31:40)


Training objectives: This course trains students to develop electromechanical integration products and systems, to design and manufacture, to run and experiment and research in electromechanical integration.

By learning, students should master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of Mechanical Design series, Machinery manufacturing series, Electrical control series, and other related subjests, and also of Mechanical design and manufacturing technology, Electronic technology, Application of Microcomputer, Detection, control, servo drive technology, and other knowledge of control engineering. Students should acquire certain amout of comprehensive ability to design, use and maintain the products and systems in the field of electromechanical integration, computer application and technical analysis, production organization and management capacity in product manufacturing.

Main courses: Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical principle and mechanical design, Circuit principle, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital electronic technology, The principle and application of Microcomputer, Mechanical and electrical transmission control, Numerical control technology, Electrical and mechanical equipment design, Control engineering, Technology of mechanical manufacture, Digital manufacturing technology,and  Industrial robot.

Employment trends: Graduates can work in the design, manufacturing, using and maintenance, technical transformation, technical and economic analysis and production organization and management of the products and systems in the field of electromechanical integration, and engage in teaching, research and administrative work in colleges and universities, research institutions and government offices.

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