Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation ( Mold )    (2011-12-14 14:32:34)


Training objectives: to train advanced mechanical technical talents who have solid foundation, wide knowledge of speciality, high comprehensive quality, strong capability to adapt and meet the development need of the society to design and produce molds and machine, use advanced manufacture ways and do business management. This speciality mainly trains students Mould Digital Manufacture  to meet the reqirements for advanced machinery manufacturing talents that they are supposed to have, not only solid theory foundation, professional knowledge, but also capabilities to operate and solve engineering problems well.

Main courses: Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Principle and Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Engineering  Materials and Forming Foundation, The Principle and Application of Microcomputer, Engineering Materials and Forming Foundation, Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Transmission Control, Numerical Control Technology, Mold Design and Manufacturing, CAD/CAE/CAM(mold), Plastic Forming Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, etc.

The employment trends: Graduates can take up technology and management, work in mechanical, automobile, metallurgy, transportation, light industry, chemical industry, electronics and other related industries and engage in teaching, research and administrative work in colleges and univesities, research institutions and government offices.

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