Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation    (2011-12-14 14:33:27)


Training objectives: The speciality is to train advanced  engineering and technical talents to design and manufacture machines, to do scientific research, to develop new products and to do business and management in the fields of mechanical engineering and automation. It is a wider caliber specialty, which contains four specialty direction, including mechanical manufacturing automation, mechanical design automation, electromechanical integration, and mold design and manufacture.

Students in this major study the basic and specialized courses of mechanical engineering, control techniques, basic computer technology, and business management. After learning common curriculums, students can select other speciality direction and receive the basic training of becoming a modern manufacture engineer, such as mechanical design, produce and control machinery, and do production organization and management.

Main courses:Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Principle and Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Engineering  Materials and Forming Foundation, Mechanism Manufacture Technology, Control Engineering Basis, The Principle and Application of Microcomputer, Controlling Technology of Electromechanical System, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Test Technology, Numerical Control Technology, Mechanical System Design, Mechanical Manufacture and automation, Quality Management and Control, Computer Aided Design, and Digital Manufacturing Technology, etc.

Employment trends: The graduates can take up technology and management work in mechanical, automobile, matallurgy, transportation, light industry, chemical industry, electronics and other related industries, and also engage in teaching, research and administrative work in colleges and universities, research institutions and government offices. Graduates can take advantage of this specialty to do further study, taking post-graduate entrance examination. For many years, graduates are deeply welcomed by relevant industries and demands exceed supply in qualified personnel.


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