Our College held a welcome party of 2016 students    (2016-11-08 08:00:00)

     On the evening of October 30, the opening ceremony of the Fourth Cultural Arts Festival and the "youth dream starts up tonight" of the welcome party held in the Jiangsu College auditorium. Vice President Song Yuqing, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office Tan Cheng, Vice Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee Ye Tao, Dean of Jingjiang College Lu Zhengnan, Party Secretary Chen Zhigang, Vice President Chen Weiping, Zhou Xian and other leaders attended the party. More than 1000 new students of Jingjiang College watched the performance.

    The party started with a song played by the band. Party Secretary Chen Zhigang delivered a warm speech and sang a chorus song with our junior student "For whom", it won the audience applause. "Jasmine Flower" successfully activated the atmosphere of the scene. "Cross talk" news broadcast reflects the positive and healthy physical and mental health of our students and bring a climax after another, giving us a wonderful audio and visual feast.


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