Our College held start ceremony for finless porpoise running activities    (2016-11-19 08:00:00)

     On November 6, our College successfully held the start ceremony of the finless porpoise running activities. The event aims to call for more people’s attention to concern about the protection of the environment and the finless porpoise. Chen Zhigang, secretary of the Party committee of our college, Director Zhu Xiaofeng of Zhenjiang provincial dolphin protection area and He Hao, president of Zhenjiang Talent Association attended the event.

    Chen Zhigang made a speech for the event. He pointed out that the water pollution of Yangtze River was worsened in recent years. The survival of the finless porpoise is precarious so that the protection of the finless porpoise action should be carried out immediately. Jingjiang students should be role model to protect the precious river elves.

    On the scene of the activities, all members made a joint oath: "We are just a group of ordinary people, but we have the same mission and dream .We remember that the finless porpoise is the lifeblood of the Yangtze River so that protect the Yangtze finless porpoise is to protect the vitality of life." After that, the volunteers started running after the order.


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