Financial alumni of 2007 came back to our College    (2016-12-05 08:00:00)

    Recently, financial alumni of 2007 came back to our college to relive the old time in campus. Director of the second student office, former 2003 grade director Luo Xiaoqing, on behalf of the College warmly received the alumni back to his alma mater. College Youth League, the student volunteers participated in the reception.

    Despite the bad weather, light rain failed to stop alumni return to school. At 9 am, the first alumni from Nanjing came to the fifth floor of the meeting room in Jingjiang meeting room. "Eat braised pork in the school canteen!" - This is "luxury" for a lot of alumni after graduation. At noon, Director Luo and the alumni came to the sixth dining hall; he said "on behalf of the Dean and Party Secretary, I will treat you guys a meal with braised pork today. Alumni taste the food and memorize the campus life sitting in the cafeteria.

    After lunch, the alumni visited the student dormitories. Subsequently, they had a meeting in the conference room. At the meeting, Director Luo first reviewed some of the scene when alumni were at school and introduced achievement and development status of the college for nearly ten years, and expressed warm welcome. He hopes alumni will often go back. Alumni share their work, life, family experience and sentiment for 10 years, the whole conference room was burst into a jubilant laughter. After the meeting, teachers and students had a group photo in front of the teaching building.

    Finally, accompanied by volunteers, the alumni visit the campus together and feel the campus changes. After leaving the college for ten years, they were all amazed at the alma mater's development and changes.


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