Students from the School of Electrical Information Engineering of Our College Won Medals of National Competition    (2021-04-29 13:03:44)

On April 18th, the 12nd Blue Bridge Cup national software and information technology talent competition was held in Jiangsu University. Thirteen students from the school of electrical information engineering of our college participated in the competition and won three bronze medals.

 Our college participated in the competition independently. The school of electrical and information engineering started the publicity of the competition at the beginning of this year. Nearly 30 students from five majors participated in the competition. The instructors actively communicated with the students, and the students actively participated in the competition. Finally, Zhou ziyao (Instructor: Zhu Weihan), Liu Ziqi (Instructor: Ding Jiali) and Tang guopeng (Instructor: Xie haobing) won the bronze medals in group B of software category.

 It is reported that the event is sponsored by the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and belongs to the competition of national class A event.

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