Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Investigated the Student Dormitories    (2021-05-17 16:01:33)

In order to do a solid job in the management of student dormitories and create a good learning and living environment for students, Yin Zhiguo, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, accompanied by Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the college and heads of relevant departments, visited and investigated the student dormitories on the morning of May 13rd.

  After the investigation, Yin Zhiguo asked the student work department to carefully sort out all kinds of potential safety hazards inside and outside the student dormitory and the problems intensively reflected by the students, strengthen the "student-oriented" concept, and actively do practical things and solve difficult problems for the students. The reasonable demands reflected by the students should be checked and changed immediately, and the implementation and reform should be established. We should create a "safe, comfortable and civilized" learning and living environment for the students.

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