The Campus Marathon was Held in Our Collage    (2021-05-28 15:24:51)

The campus marathon of "learning Party’s history, strengthening faith and following the party" was held in Jingjiang collage on May 22nd. Yin Zhiguo, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the college, and Fan Yanhua, vice president of the college, attended and participated in the event.

 In order to fully integrate the study and education of the history of Communist Party of China into the competition, the organizing committee of the competition placed four exhibition boards along the track, namely "the period of new democratic revolution, the period of socialist revolution and construction, the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics". More than 100 students attended the competition.

 The competition is divided into two events: 3km and 7.5km. Before the start of the competition, a cheerleading performance was performed, followed by Yin Zhiguo's opening speech, the referee's representative and the athlete's representative took an oath, and Wu Liping announced the official start of the campus marathon. During the competition, the students ran on the beautiful campus track, enjoying the fun of running and receiving the education of Party’s history.

 After the competition, an award ceremony was held. Wu Liping, Fan Yanhua and Jiang Hao presented trophies and prizes to the winners.

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