Our College Successfully held the Final of the Third Teachers' Teaching Competition    (2021-06-03 16:55:25)

In order to further improve the teaching ability and professional level of our teachers, and strive to create a professional team of teachers with noble ethics, exquisite business and full of vitality, the final of the third teachers' teaching competition was held in 5b404, Jingjiang Building, on May 28th.

 17 participants presented teaching in turn. The teaching content is refined and substantial, focusing on inspiration and logicality; The classroom design is exquisite and unique. It openly integrates "curriculum thinking and politics" into classroom teaching to continuously stimulate students' interest in learning. During the teaching, the participants were full of spirit, intelligence and wisdom, which fully demonstrated the style of college teachers. After a whole day of intense competition, all teachers completed all links of the competition, and the expert judges evaluated them from the aspects of classroom teaching, lesson plan design and teaching reflection.

 Cultivating talents is the foundation of higher education, teachers are the foundation of schools, and teaching quality is the foundation of teachers. This teaching competition encourages our teachers to love teaching and research teaching, creates an atmosphere of promoting learning and teaching through competition, stimulates teachers' enthusiasm for participating, promotes teachers to actively explore education and teaching reform, and improves the high-quality development of education and teaching in our college.

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