Our College Held the 2021 Graduate Employment Promotion Meeting    (2021-05-14 14:45:43)

On May 12nd, our college held the 2021 graduate employment promotion meeting in Conference Room 320 of the college student activity center. President Zhao Xicang, heads of relevant functional departments, Secretary of the general Party branch of all secondary colleges (departments) and all full-time and part-time counselors of 2017 attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president.

 Wu Liping analyzed the current situation of graduates' employment, reported the overall situation of graduates' employment in 2021. The Secretary of the general Party branch of each secondary college (Department) introduced the employment work of each college (Department), reported the actual practices and specific measures of the employment work of each college (Department), and put forward the practical difficulties encountered in the process of work.

 Xu Xiaohua, counselor of the College of mechanical and power engineering, and Zhu Yingkai, counselor of the College of electrical information engineering, combined with the actual situation of their students, exchanged experience from the aspects of students' employment status, employment concept guidance, employment activity participation, etc.

 At the meeting, Zhao Xicang stressed that we should fully realize the importance, urgency and arduousness of doing a good job in the employment of graduates, further improve our ideological understanding, improve our political position, and effectively integrate our thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial employment work. He put forward the idea of "three requirements": firstly, we should devote ourselves to work with confidence and perseverance; secondly, we should actively lead and build a three-dimensional employment pattern; thirdly, we should improve employment from a full perspective. All secondary colleges should shoulder the main responsibilities, and all relevant personnel should give full play to their respective roles, make good use of the market and school resources, so as to form a good atmosphere for all employees to pay attention to employment.

 This meeting further clarified the responsibility objectives of the employment work of the whole college, and promoted the formation of the general pattern of caring for employment, paying attention to employment and participating in employment.

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