Our College Held the Counselor Work Salon    (2021-03-17 16:23:00)

The first counselor work salon of our college in 2021 was held in the 320-conference room of Student Activity Center on the date of March 16th. The salon focused on "promoting high-quality employment of college students". Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the college, Jiang Hao, minister of student affairs department, staff of student affairs department and all graduating class counselors attended the salon. The salon was hosted by the College of Economics and presided over by Gao Fukang, secretary of the general Party branch of the College of Economics.

 Firstly, Wang Lijun, vice minister of the student affairs department, made a theme lecture. The lecture was carried out from three aspects: current employment situation, content of employment work and employment skills. Minister Wang said counselors must help students establish a correct employment outlook and employment goals, wake up students' employment consciousness as early as possible, and correct their attitude towards employment, so as to stabilize employment condition and promote employment rate. In addition, he stressed the importance of “one policy in life” and the importance of face-to-face guidance. After lecture, counselors exchanged ideas with each other. They expressed that this kind of salon could help them broaden their horizons, learn from other people's experience, and improve their work level and professional ability.

 Wu Liping pointed out that employment is the most important task for students. He asked all counselors to fully realize the importance of employment to students' growth and development. He affirmed the significance of this salon. He also said this kind of communication can build a new platform for counselors to share ideas, which not only effectively promoted the work of students, but also promoted the growth and success of counselors themselves.

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