Our College Has Carried Out a Set of Online and Offline Recruitment Seminars    (2021-03-26 16:54:33)

In order to thoroughly implement the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on "stabilizing employment" and "ensuring employment", implement the spirit of the national 2021 college graduates' employment network video conference, and promote the employment rate of graduates, our college has carried out a set of online and offline recruitment seminars according to the current employment condition this semester. All these measurements have laid a good foundation for comprehensively boost the employment of college graduates.

 In accordance with the requirements of miniaturization and specialization, our college takes many measures to meet the needs of current employment situation. At the same time, the college makes a comprehensive statistics of graduates' employment intention, widely collects and timely releases recruitment information, and accurately posts the relevant information to the graduates.

 According to statistics, our college has held 19 offline lectures and 17 online lectures in the past two weeks. These lectures covered all majors, provided nearly 1100 jobs and published more than 270 online recruitment information.

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