Our College Held the Recruitment Publicity and Recruitment Work Report Meeting    (2021-06-03 15:12:33)

On May 27th, our college held the "recruitment publicity and recruitment work report meeting of Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University" in the college student activity center. Yin Zhiguo, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, Zhang Cheng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Runzhou District Committee and Minister of the people's Armed Forces Department of Runzhou District, Yan Haijiao, political member of the people's Armed Forces Department of Runzhou District, Wu Liping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the college, relevant heads of the recruitment department of Runzhou District, heads of the student work department and the teaching work department, and secretaries of the general Party branch of all secondary colleges, more than 800 graduating class counselors and students attended the meeting.

  Wu Liping made a report on the people's military work of our college in the past two years, and arranged the recruitment work in summer and autumn 2021. Zhang Dewei and Gao Jian, two retired senior students shared their successful experience in military campus. Yin Zhiguo awarded the "advanced individual in national defense construction" of Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University to outstanding representatives of retired students. Zhang Cheng used the six key words of "glory", "training", "fate", "preferential treatment", "opportunity" and "obligation" to comprehensively introduce the relevant situation of conscription for students. He encouraged the majority of aspiring young people to actively respond to the call of the motherland, join the army, enthusiastically sign up for the army, and turn the lofty ambition of loving the country into a sincere patriotic trip.

 At the end of the meeting, Huang Xuefeng, chief of the comprehensive section of the administration of retirement affairs of Runzhou District, and Zong haozheng, staff officer of the military section of the people's Armed Forces Department of Runzhou District, explained in detail the preferential policies for college students' recruitment in 2021, and exchanged and interacted with on-site teachers and students on relevant recruitment matters.

 At the report meeting, students of our college also gave wonderful dance and singing performance.

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